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While not intended to be this is an amazing piece of adaptive equipment for many in the disabled community. The Free Virtual Keyboard, from Media Freeware, creates a full keyboard with a numeric keypad on the screen of your computer or tablet. While this app is designed for use on a touchscreen device, it also works on a desktop and is clickable with the mouse. Handihelp first found the Free Virtual Keyboard with is like the Consumer Guide for internet products. The product is very similar to the Button Board, which has been available on this website for years. The major advantage is this app is downloaded to your computer. It received a very good rating. Most of the text below has been copied directly from their evaluation.


As soon as you download and install this app, you're ready to start using your virtual keyboard. It will stay on top of all open windows, so you can use it for anything. It is also a simple process to increase or decrease the size of the keyboard. (See pictures at right) There are some nice additional buttons, like one to bring up the Start menu and another to bring up a local menu. You can easily move the keyboard around the screen, depending on what you're working on and what you prefer. The number pad can also be disabled if you prefer not to use that function, and you can make the entire keyboard transparent on a sliding scale to further maximize screen space while keeping the keyboard available at the same time.


If you're looking for an alternative to the Windows keyboard, this is a good option. It works well, has an appealing and streamlined appearance, and it's free, which makes it an even better deal.


The website above allows direct download. I downloaded it from CNET and the process wanted you to download several other programs. Finally, quite by accident that special support for Microsoft Programs and Products is available individuals with disabilities at Microsoft For People With Disabilities.

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