Adult Booster Seat:

Joanne from Houston Texas posted this simple and useful idea on my forum “Learned Empowerment” on the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation website. I asked if it was okay to place it on my website and she gave me permission. Her husband, Jim was injured in a fall on November 24, 2010 which left him an incomplete quadriplegic. He has progressed to the point where he is beginning to walk. Joanne wrote: “I made my husband a booster seat that we can take to restaurants, etc. so that he can sit in "regular" chairs and be able to get back up easier.”

To start with she bought a little plastic table at Goodwill, similar to the one at the right, the kind with the removable legs.  A friend cut the legs down so that they would fit inside and around the edges of the underside of the table top. She used "Quick Grip" glue to secure the legs. Then Joanne filled in the space between the legs with cardboard and glued a large piece of cardboard to totally cover the underside of the table, placing weights on it until the glue dried completely. Next the top of the table was covered with more cardboard and glued down.


Joanne used carpet tape because it is very strong and has adhesive on both sides. One side of the tape was removed  to expose the adhesive and put around the perimeter of the table top. Then a heavy duty piece of a foam cushion was cut and taped to the top side of the table.  Joanne wrapped the table in a foam backed fabric that is used on car dashboards.  This fabric can be purchased at a fabric store, like Hancock's. Small nails were used to secure the fabric. (Handihelp wonders if a staple gun would work as well?) She cut out a square piece to cover the bottom and pounded in more small nails. A dog leash (bought at a dollar store) was wrapped around the booster seat with the hook on the side.  The leash helps secure the fabric and provides a handle to tote around the seat. The booster seat helps an adult with impaired leg function rise out of a chair (gracefully, even!).

Finished Product

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