Handihelp.net is a website that contains simple ideas and adaptive equipment that are either inexpensive to purchase or cost little to make. Hopefully, these suggestions will help individuals with disabilities overcome some of the frustrations they face daily.


After my initial injury I was amazed by the cost of products and adaptive equipment that were made specifically for persons with disabilities.  Some of the same equipment can be found available on non-handicap websites and in catalogs at a much more reasonable price. In many local communities there are skilled individuals more than willing to help you create something you need or might find useful. I have designed several pieces of adaptive equipment and have been either able to make them myself or find someone else willing to make them at a fair price.  No doubt many of you out there have done the same thing, and I invite you to share your ideas with others on this website.  It makes little sense to me to have more recently injured individuals have to “reinvent the wheel”.


Henry Ford said,"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing -- you're right." Believing that something is possible is the first step in taking control of your situation. I would encourage each of you to face your challenges with an open mind and a positive attitude.  Allowing yourself to be sidelined by difficulties, frustration or failure is counter productive.  Failure provides an opportunity for growth.  I have found little in this new life comes without frustration, effort and sacrifice. Attitude is far more important than ability. We can accomplish many things that at first we believe we cannot do, with persistence, perseverance and trial and error. I am constantly thinking about new ways to do things, revisiting the tools and ideas I have already come up with to try and improve them or make them more multi-functional. For this reason I would encourage you to visit my website periodically to check on the areas that have been revised or updated. I will use an asterisk (*) to mark any of the pages that are new or have been updated recently.


"I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I will live my life.  I don't mean to be reckless, but setting a goal that seems a bit daunting actually is very helpful toward recovery."  Christopher Reeve


This website has been selected to be part of Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL) which is supported by the US Agency for International Development. In collaboration with the United States International Council on Disability the WiderNet Project’s GDRL brings a wealth of information to organizations that serve people with disabilities in developing countries but lack adequate Internet access. 


**Special Section on Downloadable Adaptivive Equipment**


Everyday Aids                                      Fishing

Paper Pick Up                                        Fishing Pole Holder     

Rope & Hook                                          Fishing Reel Crank Adaption

Simple Door Closer                                  A Better Crank Adaption          Grip-ability                                            *Simple Casting Adaption         Stops                                                  Fishing Set Up for Manual Chair

Loop Handles                                          Simple Fishing Pole Holder

Long Handled Tool Control                           

Wooden Handles                                              Specialized                Necessities                                           Making Adaptive Equipment Electrobond: It's Really Simple                  Handi Apps

Controlling A Bottle                                  Fun Projects

The Shaft                                                 Button Board                    Emergency Information Sheet                    The Strap                            Modifying Typing Aid                                *Portable Lift

Bread Board                                          Handi Hints 1

Controlling A Book                                  Handi Hints 2

Homemade Cutting Board                          Adult Booster Seat                Lap Tray                                                Update Page

Molding Splint Material                            Quad Mitts                         

Lap Desk                                                     Lacrosse Stick

Sitting Up in Bed                                   Handi Ideas from Others

                                                            Free Virtual Keyboard             

                                                                                                Gardening                                                                                      Raised Garden Boxes                              Wheelchair Related

Garden Box Plans                                    Universal Chair Mount Plans

Inexpensive Pavement                            Independence                          Some Gardening Ideas                            Wheelchair Arms                   Garden Box Update                                 Bracket "Attachment"

                                                          Andy's Chair Mount

Huntng                                              Changing the Seat Pan

Deadshot Treepod Gun Mount*                  Adapting the Adaption

DeadShot ChairPod                               The Extreme 4x4

Universal Chair Mount Plans                      Wheelchair Bracket

Andy's Chair Mount                                Trailer Hitch                          Inexpensive Gun Mount                            Wheelchair Table                    Poor Man's Trigger Adapter                        Lawn Mower Attachment

Andy's Trigger Adapter                              Monopod

An Even Simpler Trigger Adapter                Tool Kit

Trigger Adapter                                   

Another Trigger Adapter                          Kayaking                     

Additional Gun Modifications                    Kayaking

Concealment                                         Kayaking Safety Update          A-4 Trigger                                                                 

Matt's Chair Mount                                  Infomational

                                                        Turkeys From A Wheelchair            In Memoriam                                      Off Road In A Wheelchair

A Tribute To Daniel                                Summer In A Wheelchair

                                                          Winter In A Wheelchair                                                                        History of Handihelp                                                                                Special Videos & Music

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A good paddle

First turkey 2010 after 11 years of modifications

Speaking at local community college

Fall Gobbler 2013

Granddaughter with beans for my garden boxes

Turkey taken with Deadshot Treepod

A nice one

Marge with Santa

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